Recycled concrete aggregates are an alternative to natural aggregates. TxDOT has authorized the use of recycled concrete aggregates for roads, drainage projects, and a various other applications.

We produce a variety of materials including concrete Flex Base (TxDOT 247), Utility Rock, Rip Rap, and other Specialty Aggregates. Our Recycling Centers located in Central Texas maintain an inventory of recycled concrete materials for sale.


Flex Base – TxDOT Item 247 Grade 1 Flex Base

We produce TxDOT Grade 1 Flexible Base which is commonly used for TEMPORARY ROADS, BASE MATERIAL FOR UNDERNEATH CONCRETE AND ASPHALT PAVING, DRIVEWAYS AND SIDEWALKS. Our Flex Base material is frequently used to weather proof a project, such as a cap on building pads or for building staging areas, which reduces lost time from rain delays. Crushed concrete conforms to the Flex Base specification of the Texas Department of Transportation.

Utility Rock (1 1/2″ to 3/4″)

Utility rock is used for various applications across a construction project, such as embedment material for utilities and backfill for retaining walls. 1 1/2″ to 3/4″ rock is also excellent for topping temporary roads or parking lots.

Rip Rap

Riprap rock is used to prevent erosion and is often placed on the sides of hills, in drainage ditches or to restore banks that have been partially washed away. This stone is also ideal for filling in very large holes or ditches. Rip Rap varies in size from Grade 1 (12”-18”) and Grade 2 (18”-24”).

3/8” Minus (Fine Material)

3/8″ Minus is a screened, fine material that is commonly used as pipe embedment by plumbing companies and for a base under pavestone. This material has also been used as an alternative to cement treated sand for trench backfill on utilities projects.

Specialty Products

Some of our specialty materials include a 3″ Rock used for construction yards or entrances, #57 Stone (Utility 1” Rock) is used for jobs that need smaller free draining material typically involved with pipe embedment, and Rip Rap (12”-18” Rock) which is used to prevent erosion and is often placed on the sides of hills or in drainage ditches to restore banks that have been partially washed away.

We also produce Recycled Asphalt (Milled) which is an excellent temporary road or parking lot topping material.